Annual Report 2013

Public Relations

IDGC of Centre maintains a public presence, adhering to the principles of openness and transparency and providing timely, reliable information.

The priorities in the information policy are:

  • A unified internal and public information policy.
  • The development of integrated communication.

30 thous. releases

mentioning IDGC of Centre during 2013


congress and exhibition events which were attended by IDGC of Centre in 2013

Our public relations activities predominantly focus on interacting with the representatives of the mass media, federal and regional governmental bodies, social organizations, and members of the business and professional community.

In the reporting year, IDGC of Centre conducted the following PR campaigns as part of its efforts to minimize image risks: providing information on the preparation for the autumn and winter season, data on improving power efficiency, information on preventative measures to avoid third-party injuries at the grid facilities, and facts involved in developing the IT infrastructure.

Special effort was applied to making public the longterm program of modernization and reconstruction of the IDGC of Centre grid complex; its more reliable power supply, introduction of innovations and improvement of the Company’s business processes; attention was drawn to the developed remote control services and complex customer service system, to the expansion of the range of additional services, and implementation of the power efficiency and power saving programs.

As part of its interaction with federal, regional, and municipal authorities in 2013, IDGC of Centre took part in the work of the regional headquarters set up by state agencies in order to ensure safety of the power supply and the effective functioning of the grid complex.

While following the program of grid connection in the regions of the Russian Federation that are the Company’s service areas, IDGC of Centre consistently worked with regional authorities and non-governmental organizations to fulfill the provisions of agreements on informational interaction.

2013 saw the continuation of cooperation with the press centers of federal and regional authorities of the Russian Federation to provide information for publicly important events.

To improve the Company’s customer service and develop a feedback system, the corporate website of IDGC of Centre operates the Internet Reception that receives customers’ requests to be considered by the Company’s specialists, who offer solutions for the problems presented by the customers.

In 2013 the information on the work of IDGC of Centre was delivered to the target audience through the federal media and the Central Federal District media.

The media gave the broadest coverage to:

  • IDGC of Centre industrial operations.
  • Innovative technologies.
  • Implementation of the repair program.
  • Commissioning of large-scale power facilities.
  • ROWs clearing program execution.
  • Grid connection of consumers.
  • Preparation for and operation through the autumn and winter season.
  • Programs to improve power efficiency and power conservation.
  • Health and safety programs, and prevention of thirdparty electrical injuries.
  • Corporate events.
  • Staff professional training.
  • Development of talent pool.

Some 30 thousand releases mentioning either IDGC of Centre or its branches were published in the federal and regional mass media in 2013. The wide coverage area of the printed media and their social and business targeting facilitated bringing the information of the various activities of the Company to all key target audiences.

To promote the positive image of the Company, IDGC of Centre experts took part in 25 central and 12 regional congress and exhibition events in 2013.


March IDGC of Centre took part in the Cabex International specialized exhibition that displayed all the cutting-age domestic and foreign technologies in the cable industry.
April The Company participated in the Moscow International Energy Forum “Russia’s Fuel and Energy Complex in the 21st century”. International Forum “High-tech solutions for the 21st century” was held.
June The Company management took part in the St. Petersburg International Energy Forum
October The company took part in the Corporate Day organized by the Innovation and R&D Directors Club (iR&Dclub) as part of the Business of Innovation Technologies startup competition. The company attended the UPGrid International Energy Forum subtitled “Power Grid Complex. Innovation. Development.” IDGC of Centre participated in the IV Yaroslavl Energy Forum that addressed the most promising ways of the development of the industry, the introduction of power efficient technologies, and possible innovations in the development of the grid complex in the conditions of enforced low electricity tariffs.
November IDGC of Centre presented its energy conservation know-how at the ENES 2013 International Forum

The participation of IDGC of Centre in the ENES-2013 International Forum on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving held in Moscow became the central event of the reporting year. The Forum gave IDGC of Centre an opportunity to present its innovations and advanced technologies employed by the Company specialists, and to display the implemented projects on power conservation and improving power efficiency.

The Yaroslavl Energy Forum was one of the most important regional congress and exhibition events for the Company in 2013. At the Forum IDGC of Centre presented its innovative know-how in the area of installing the street lighting systems using advanced equipment and of introducing automated commercial power metering systems featuring smart metering devices.

Apart from these events, the Company’s experts participated in the Voronezh Industrial Forum, the Bryansk Investment Forum, the “Energy and Electrical Engineering. Housing Services and Utilities” Interregional Specialized Exhibition, and the Specialized Interregional Exhibition entitled “Modern City. Building Industry. Power Engineering. Resource conservation. Ecology”.