Annual Report 2013

Talent Pool

Establishing a talent pool and working with it is crucial for developing personnel potential in IDGC of Centre. The Company creates two kinds of personnel reserve: management and young specialist talent pools.

The management succession pool is designed to promptly provide highly qualified candidates to meet the Company’s need for personnel in the following positions:

  • Top management:
    • Deputies of General Director;
    • Heads of departments directly reporting to the General Director;
  • Branch management:
    • Regional deputies of General Director in the branches;
    • Heads of departments directly reporting to the regional Directors in the branches;
    • Head and Chief Engineer of Distribution Zones.

IDGC of Centre has been creating and working with the management talent pool since 2010 in accordance with the Regulation on the talent pool18.

The managerial talent pool includes highly skilled employees having developed leadership qualities, who are career-oriented and ready for in-company rotation. In 2013, the management talent pool for the executive office of IDGC of Centre and its branches comprised 2,558 people.


The lower indices for the branch and distribution zone management, constituting 64.8 % and 63.0 % respectively, is accounted for by the fact that retail departments having no talent pool built for them were incorporated into the structure of three branches.

In the reporting period 211 out of 471 appointments to senior positions in the executive office and the Company’s branches were filled from the management talent pool.

The main goal of building the talent pool of young professionals is to engage young specialists in solving the current problems of the grid complex, to develop their professional skills, and to assist them in their career development. The talent pools of young professionals have been created in IDGC of Centre since 2011, for the whole Company as well as for its branches; they are managed in accordance with the Company Regulation on the talent pool of young specialistsglossary ID not found: 19.

In 2013, 1,197 professionals formed the young personnel reserve of the Company, and 104 of them were promoted in the reporting period, with 94 of them receiving target positions.

The preparation scheme for the candidates includes the development of managerial and professional skills of potential employees on a regular basis, and individual development plans have been worked out.

In addition to mandatory training programs, the talent pool members are offered some ways and methods of acquiring professional knowledge and skills development at no additional cost:

  • Internship in the Executive Office of the Company or its branches that have considerable expertise and use the best management practices;
  • Participation in projects on the innovative equipment installation;
  • Engaging the candidates in the creative teams to address technical and organizational problems;
  • Allowing the candidate to stand in for the employee (of the target position) to fulfill his/ her duties;
  • Engaging a candidate from the pool in preparing draft documents, manuals, reports;
  • Engaging a candidate from the pool as tutors, course teachers and having them develop academic curricula and guidelines.

The Company has introduced a mandatory practice requiring that a candidate should step in for his supervisor and fulfill his/ her duties while during his/her temporary absence (caused by an illness of the latter or during his/her vacation).

In 2013 candidates from the talent pool represented IDGC of Centre at the following industry events:

  • The Second International Forum on Energy Efficiency and Conservation ENES 2013.
  • All-Russian seminar “Preliminary results of tariff regulation in 2013 and issues to be dealt with by state regulation bodies for 2014.”