Annual Report 2013

Personnel Training and Development

The development of a high-quality system of education, career development and professional training is one of the main tasks of IDGC of Centre.

The trainings held help the Company’s employees to maintain skills in accordance with the requirements for technical and organizational development and create the conditions for professional and personal growth.

Personnel training and development follows the following criteria:

  • the need to train the personnel to achieve production objectives;
  • regularity of training;
  • improvement of the quality of work and upgrading skills and safe working practices;
  • the requirements and standards of work safety rules;
  • systematical review and renovation of the employees’ knowledge;
  • results of the assessment and/or certification of the personnel;
  • results of the analysis of incidents involving the personnel;
  • the investigation of breakdowns and industrial accidents.


In 2013 13,402 people, or 41 % of the payroll employees, underwent various trainings. Training costs amounted to 67.3 million rubles.

In 2013 the focus was on the training and educating workers in the areas monitored by Rostechnadzor and in the field of job security and safety. The staff training was conducted in several directions depending on the category of the employees taught. Priority was given to further training of employees of field control centers, meteorological departments and measurement-taking departments, of relay protection and automation departments, distribution network operators, maintenance electricians at transformer plants, electricians of field service crews, electricians at distribution networks.

Priority was given to training, retraining and advanced training of workers; mandatory training of personnel to allow them to fulfill their professional duties; professional development, training and retraining of managers and specialists. All kinds of training, subjects and curricula were aimed at the employees improving their performance. Special attention was paid to labor protection, safety skills and danger-free work practices.

In the analyzed period the employees were trained mostly in regional centers.

IDGC of Centre continues to develop in-company training using its own classrooms and training grounds. Classes are available in almost all the branches, being sufficiently technically equipped to hold classes. The classrooms allow holding a range of targeted trainings for a large number of branch employees, overcoming the lack of knowledge and practical skills.

A positive side to such training is that the workers study local norms of IDGC of Centre and its branches (standards, instructions, regulations) as well as federal provisions.

Highly skilled branch specialists with extensive field expertise hold training in the major areas the Company is involved in. The training is internal and Company specific. Third parties are not invited to attend.


In 2013, about 34% of the Company’s employees participated in various forms of corporate training.

IDGC of Centre is the founder of three training centers licensed to conduct training activities; these are key educational institutions to meet the need in educating employees of the Company’s branches in the respective regions.

During the year 2013 the main partners of the Company in the field of training and further education were the following academic facilities (apart from the Company’s own training centers):

  • Energetik and Expertenergo Training and Retraining Centers based on the following academic entity: MPEI National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute”, (the Smolensk branch), Federal State Budgetary Institution of Higher Professional Education.
  • St. Petersburg Power Engineering Institute of Further Education (St. Petersburg).
  • Institute for Further Education and Retraining of Ivanovo State Power Engineering University (Ivanovo).
  • Non-profit partnership “Corporate Training and Scientific Center of the Unified Energy System” (Moscow).
  • Academy of Standardization, Metrology and Certification.
  • Kostroma Energy College Regional State-Funded Educational Institution of Vocational Education.
  • Non-profit partnership “Stavropol Training Center” (Essentuki).
  • Regional institutions of additional professional education.

In order to provide qualified personnel training, choice and development contracts of long-term cooperation are executed with a number of regional academic institutions of higher and secondary professional education. These include the Federal State Budgetary Institution of Higher Professional Education MPEI National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute” in Smolensk, Smolensk Technological College Regional State-Funded Educational Institution of Vocational Education and Smolensk Polytechnic College Regional State-Funded Educational Institution of Vocational Education. The principal cooperation area is training electricians and technicians. The cooperation with MPEI National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute” in Smolensk and with Smolensk Technological College Regional State-Funded Educational Institution of Vocational Education is particularly fruitful.