Annual Report 2013


IDGC of Centre accounting statements for 2013 under RAS and the consolidated financial statements under IFRS were audited by an independent auditor, CJSC KPMG, a major international audit company.

Full business name Closed Joint Stock Company KPMG
Short business name CJSC KPMG
Address of the audit company 123317, Moscow, Russia, 10 Presnenskaya Embankment, Block C, 31st floor
Telephone / fax + 7 495 937 4477, + 7 495 937 4400/ 99
Membership in self-regulating audit organizations Russian Auditors Chamber Non-profit Partnership Self-regulating Organization of Auditors
105120 Russia, Moscow, Bldg. 1, 3/9 3rd Syromyatinsky Lane.
Membership in boards, associations or other professional unions (organizations)
  • Association of Russian Banks;
  • National Council on Corporate Governance - GCCG;
  • R
  • ussian Union of Industrials and Entrepreneurs - RSPP;
  • European Business Congress e.V. - EBC;
  • Association of Industrial Parks.

On June 14, 2013, the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting approved CJSC KPMG as the auditor for Company’s financial statements under RAS for 2013 after the Board of Directors gave its preliminary approval to the Audit Commission’s proposal on the auditor.

The Board of Directors established the amount of payment for the auditor’s services in the amount of 2.1 mln RUB including VAT.

The auditor of the financial statements under IFRS is not subject to the approval by the General Shareholders’ Meeting; it was determined by competitive selection. The cost of the auditor’s services for auditing the 2013 financial statements under IFRS as per the contract amounted to 4.4 mln RUB including VAT.

CJSC KMPG had previously audited statements under IFRS. It had not provided services that were not related to auditing.