Annual Report 2013

Business Model

In 2008 IDGC of Centre introduced throughout its territory a new system of payment for power transmission services rendered to consumers.

The new system established unified joint-operation tariffs for power transmission for all consumers (suppliers of last resort, utilities, customers with “direct contracts”).

The IDGC of Centre branches in all regions were assigned the functions of “joint-operation keepers” and collect centralized payments for power transmission from all consumers at set tariffs regardless of which grid is actually supplying the power

The Company branches, in turn, make mutual settlements with the territorial grid companies (TGC) in each region with regard to the electricity actually supplied in TGC grids at tariffs set on a per case basis for the relevant TGC.

In 2013, several IDGC of Centre branches were assigned the status of a supplier of last resort. This allowed the Company to make payments to the electric energy and capacity wholesalers in full and on time, reduce electricity losses and consumer debt.